How Propety Works

How Propety Works

For homeowners in Naperville Illinois who need to prepare their property taxes, property value appraisals, and insurance estimates for their properties, they should look no further than the professional services of Propety. Propety offers a number of valuable services to the property tax payers of Cook County as well as homeowners throughout Cook and DuPage counties. The company is also renowned for its customer service.

When homeowners need assistance in preparing their property taxes, or to purchase title insurance at the time of a home sale, they can count on the services of a Propety loan officer. At the time of a home purchase, the buyer will meet with a loan officer from Propety to go over the details of the transaction. The loan officer will be an individual who works directly for the buyer. He/she will conduct an inspection of the property, take measurements, and evaluate other things that are related to the property. The purpose of this meeting is to assess the value of the home and set the prices to be paid by the seller to the lender.

A second service that propety offers to its clients is a co-ownership service. The co-ownership service allows a client to purchase the right to an ownership interest in a property through a legal arrangement called co-ownership. If a co-owner dies, or if the joint tenancy ends, the buyer of the property still has the right to purchase the property. Propety can help the buyer of a property obtain either a first mortgage or a mortgage through a trust account in the event that a co-owner who dies passes away, leaving a vacant interest in the property.

Property owners can also count on Propety when it comes to recurring closing costs. Regular payments are made to the lending agency each year. In exchange for this affordable service, the homeowner agrees to cover any cost that exceeds the amount provided under the terms of the Propety contract. In addition, the lender agrees not to advertise or promote Propety, so no one will know that the buyer is covered through an arrangement like this.

Another important advantage of Propety is the ease of use of the program. All that is needed for a homeowner to become entitled to such services is to sign up for a purchase agreement. The agreement itself contains all of the terms and conditions that must be met for Propety to transfer the title insurance coverage from the previous owner to the buyer of the property. The purchase agreement is not complicated and it is simple for homeowners to understand. In the case of a successful transfer of the property taxes to the buyer of the property, the purchaser is then responsible for covering these costs.

While some sellers may prefer to handle the escrow process themselves, many prefer to have it handled by a professional title insurance company. The advantage of dealing with a title insurance company is that they are often much better at negotiating than homeowners can be. Title insurance companies also offer a wide range of options when it comes to choosing who will pay the property taxes and who will cover the escrow service in case of a successful transfer. For example, some companies will allow the buyer to pay a one time upfront fee for the property taxes and then make the payment directly to the property tax holder, while others allow the buyer to make monthly payments toward the balance of the title insurance, which they are then responsible for paying on their own.