What We Eat – The 4 Main Types of Food That Cause Health Problems

What We Eat – The 4 Main Types of Food That Cause Health Problems


What We Eat – The 4 Main Types of Food That Cause Health Problems

Food is any material consumed to supply nutrients for an individual organism. Most food is organic in nature, and has been derived from plants, animals, fungi or bacteria. Plants secrete food to feed their growing roots, while animals secrete milk and fur to sustain them. Fungi secrete enzymes that break down cellulose and release it as fecal matter. Bacteria secrete sulfur compounds that digest organic materials.

Almost all living beings need some form of food to sustain life. The major food groups are protein, carbohydrate, fat, mineral and water. Animal food includes meat, milk, eggs and fish. Plants are mainly composed of water, carbohydrates, protein and fiber, with little in the way of fat. To get a good nutritional balance, you should see food as an important part of your nutrition, just as you see water as an important part of your fluid intake.

Some people believe that fat is bad for you. In some ways, they are correct because some fats have a negative effect on your health. Unsaturated fats are generally considered good for you, although some omegas and mono-unsaturated fats might be harmful. Saturated fats are often found in fried foods, cookies, potato chips and chocolate. Trans-fatty acids (triglycerides) found in fried foods raise your blood cholesterol levels. Mono-unsaturated fats are beneficial.

Most experts agree that a well balanced diet consisting of a variety of nutrient rich food is the most important factor in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Your food choices can have a dramatic impact on your health. Choose foods carefully and don’t use additives, colorings or preservatives unless necessary. Avoid added sweeteners, salt and sugar. Choose whole grain foods whenever possible. There are many options to satisfy cravings.

Fatty foods are digested slowly, which provides less energy than other types of food eaten faster. Lean protein and vegetables are usually the best choices for eating to give you more energy. Food that is eaten too fast digests more quickly than food that is eaten slower.

Most grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They provide the body with many of the essential nutrients it needs. Most of the fruits and vegetables that we eat contain a lot of vitamins and minerals; vitamins and minerals are destroyed by cooking. Cereals, potatoes and pasta are made with refined sugars, which provide little nutritional benefit.